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Why choose Kolaboo?

Because we help you to increase your sales. Kolaboo is the first tours and activities comparison engine. Our users compare in our website between the available tours and activities offer in thousands of destinations, so we are a perfect window so they can spot your deals and book them if they are worth it.

We keep all the offer branded, so we also help you to get known among the travellers even if they don’t book with you, as they will see your name and logo when you have available offer in a particular destination.
What are the commissions?

Kolaboo works with a variable model that allows us to reach a profitable partnership for both of us :)

Our system takes in consideration different parameters so the high value traffic that we send to your website is profitable for you. Contact us and we will explain it to you in detail.
Is it technically easy to list my offer in Kolaboo?

It is really simple and you don’t need any technical background. You will only have to upload a file with your offer information (destination, title, description, price, pictures, etc.) in a format that we will tell you, and once it’s done it will be ready to be listed on Kolaboo.

It is very important that you keep your file updated so there are not price disparities between your website and Kolaboo, so users will always see all the updated offer.
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