Kolaboo Affiliate Program

Why choose Kolaboo?

Kolaboo provides your visitors with the largest offer of tours and activities in the market. We don’t only list this offer but we compare it between all different providers so your visitors find exactly what they need.

What is the commision program?

Kolaboo pays per CLICK, instead of paying per adquisition! Increasing your revenue is easier.

Do I need to be an expert programmer?

Not at all! Starting to earn commissions with Kolaboo is easy, you just have to add a parameter to the Kolaboo url that you want to send traffic to.

Once registered and accepted in the program, you will receive an affiliate id and the instructions to generate the urls. You don’t need to be techy. :)

Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us at: affiliates@kolaboo.com

Register as affiliate and begin increasing your revenue:

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